Which climate rights does our law offer?

ÖKOBÜRO – Alliance of the Environmental Movement invites you to:

Which climate rights does our law offer? –
Approaches to improve climate policy and rights in Central Eastern Europe through strategic litigation
13 June 2023 9:30–12:00 a.m. Online Event

Global warming is progressing and leaving ever more obvious marks. Due to the hesitant action of decision-makers, individuals are resorting to legal means to push for climate protection measures. However, the general population is often unaware of their climate rights and asserting them requires legal expertise. Together with the environmental law network Justice and Environment, ÖKOBÜRO is aiming to increase awareness of climate rights through a series of events.

In recent years, civil society has increasingly attempted to drive climate action through strategic litigation. Together with legal experts from the Czech Republic, Estonia, and Austria, we will address whether there is awareness of climate rights, how rights are designed and how they can be enforced before the courts in CEE. All present experts are or were involved in the preparation of climate lawsuits and will present the respective national cases. Afterwards, they will be available for discussion.

The results of a survey conducted by ÖKOBÜRO on the topic of climate change adaptation and climate rights will also be presented at the event.


Contact: Veronika Marhold ÖKOBÜRO – Alliance of the Environmental Movement

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