The 27th meeting of the Working Group of the Parties

➡️ We live in a time when environmental issues are at the forefront of many people’s minds. #TheAarhusConvention is a major milestone in the push to uphold environmental rights for all and ensure that civil society and the public have a say in environmental decision-making.

➡️ The 27th meeting of the Working Group of the Parties to the Convention was held in Geneva, opening new horizons for environmental democracy. Despite the challenges posed by the ongoing war in Ukraine, significant efforts are made to implement the Convention, with initiatives such as the #EcoSystem digital platform and #EcoZagroza system for controlling and monitoring the environmental situation. The Special Rapporteur on #EnvironmentalDefenders under the Aarhus Convention highlighted the importance of protecting environmental defenders, who also spoke of the need to promote transparency and public participation in international forums.

Let’s work together to uphold environmental rights and ensure that everyone has a say in shaping our future. 🙌

📷 Summer Kern, the J&E lawyer, delivered a statement on Ukraine, with Csaba Kiss, coordinator and Aarhus Convention topic leader at J&E, standing by her side.