Guinea-Bissau has acceded to the Aarhus Convention

By promoting public engagement in environmental decision-making, the Convention will help Guinea-Bissau to uphold the right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment and to fulfill many other international commitments related to the environment.  

Minister of Environment and Biodiversity of Guinea-Bissau, Viriato Luís Soares Cassamá, stated:

“With this accession, Guinea-Bissau hopes to take advantage of the instruments of the Convention to fight climate change, promote its biodiversity as well as the protection, conservation, and safeguarding of the environment, allowing public participation in decision-making as well as access to justice when their rights to the environment are violated. Furthermore, Guinea-Bissau aims with this accession to be the flagship of the “Aarhus Convention trilogy” and to promote it in West Africa.” 

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