EIA Simplified: Your Environmental Guide

We are excited to introduce a series of informative leaflets that provide an overview of the basics you need to know about Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), a crucial aspect of ensuring the sustainability of major building and development projects within the European Union.

Did you know that major building or development projects in the EU must first be assessed for their impact on the environment? This assessment occurs before a project can even commence. The primary goal is to prevent environmental damage by examining a project’s environmental impacts.

Some projects can have direct and indirect effects on our health. Knowing about EIA allows us to understand and voice concerns about potential health risks associated with certain developments. When we are familiar with EIA, we can advocate for environmentally responsible decisions and hold project developers and authorities accountable. It empowers us to make informed decisions about our own actions and consumption, which can lead to more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyles.

The most important thing to remember is that EIA  includes public consultation and participation. When the public is informed about EIA processes, they can actively engage in discussions, provide input, and influence decisions to protect their interests and the environment.

To ensure that a wider audience can access and understand this critical information, our EIA leaflet is now available in seven languages, including English, Croatian, Spanish, Bulgarian, Hungarian, German, and Romanian.

LeafletEIA – English

LeafletEIA – Spanish

LeafletEIA – Croatian

LeafletEIA – Bulgarian

LeafletEIA – German

LeafletEIA – Hungarian

LeafletEIA – Romanian

LeafletEIA – Czech