Digital public participation

🌍📢 Exciting news! The latest policy paper of our member organization UfU (J&E Germany) on digital #publicparticipation in #environmentalmatters is out now! 📝🔍

#Participation in environmental matters is a central component of a transparent #democracy and citizen participation strengthens trust in it. The pandemic has transferred public participation to the digital space, with both positive and negative effects.

In collaboration with #JusticeandEnvironment ( and many of its member organizations, we have been exploring the crucial intersection between digital technologies and environmental decision-making processes. In recent years, the emergence of digital platforms has revolutionized the way citizens engage with policymakers, offering them unprecedented opportunities to contribute to discussions and advocate for issues they care about.

Despite progress, the current landscape of digital citizen participation in EU Member States leaves much to be desired. We therefore propose a number of actionable recommendations to close existing gaps and ensure meaningful participation for all. Our most urgent request in terms of regulation:

Amendments to the #EIA and #SEA Directives: It is high time for explicit provisions on digital public participation within the EIA and SEA Directives. By establishing clear requirements and mechanisms for the integration of digital tools into these procedures, we can pave the way for more inclusive and effective decision-making processes. Particular attention should be paid to the SEA Directive, which will become increasingly important with the expansion of renewable energies.

Our policy paper can be found here:

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