Court victories in Hungary

📣 There have been several court case wins lately in the work of EMLA (Hungary). In each of these cases, the court annulled the original permit (or the screening decision) and ordered the public authority to reassess environmental impacts and reconsider the permit applications. In some cases, this only caused a delay for the project developer, but in others, this meant giving up the idea.

➡️ A cross-country ski track and a snow sled track with artificial snow in Budapest, in the Buda Hills

➡️ An extension of a railway with new tracks within a densely populated urban area in Budapest for cargo traffic

➡️ An apartment house near Lake Balaton, the largest freshwater lake in Central Europe

➡️ A giant tourist complex with hotels and a yacht marina in Neusiedler See

➡️ A protective zone around a spring found in a forest that would fall victim to a highway construction